Step 3: The Visit

After the coach introduces the players and the players read the book, start a discussion devoted to reading, wellness, nutrition, academics, leadership, and training.

Athletes will accompany their coach to a school. They will wear nice clothes, preferably shirt, tie, and high school vest or jackets. (At one District the players wear their football uniforms). One or more players will have a book in hand.

Key messages:

  • Exercise your mind and body.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Read.
Words to remember:

  • As Coach Mott said, " is a privilege to play sports and participate in extra curricular activities." Leadership, literacy, wellness, physical activity and nutrition are the key concepts of this program.

  • This would be a perfect time, for a photo opportunity that would emphasize the partnership between the library and the student athlete. Call your local paper and ask the sports editor to send a reporter to see and write about the visit.
  • if you have Spanish speaking students, by all means have a player read a book in Spanish!
  • Invite your high school sports booster club members to a visit. Ask them to become an Athletes as Readers and Leaders supporter!